The Kenkou Group Health Consultants are a group of healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds in creating community health programs and health events for profit and non-profit organizations and/or foundations. 

Non-profit organizations have historically played, and continue to play, a critical role in the financing and delivery of health care services in the United States. In order to maintain the reputable contribution to the community, our consultants are here to help!

Our consultants have the ability to assist any non-profit organization and/or foundation with the following:

  • Supporting and participating in community wide health planning efforts to identify and rank needs. 
  • Providing and supporting medical education or research.
  • Conducting community health education programs to the youth (i.e. STD/HIV prevention, positive body image, teen pregnancy education and obesity).
  • Supporting community development projects to improve local healthcare clinics.
  • Making donations to other nonprofit organizations in the community.


A company's employees are the most precious component to a successful business. You have already invested in their training and provided them with the ability to perform their jobs and achieve success. Without a productive team, your company is immobile.
Why not further invest in your employees' health and wellness and make certain that your corporation stays moving in a profitable direction?

Attaining a healthcare plan for your employees is just the first step in ensuring your staff is healthy and protected. Evidence shows that workplace health programs have the potential to promote healthy behaviors; improve employees' health knowledge and skills.
The Kenkou Group has worked with dozens of corporations assisting them in designing, implementing and facilitating a health and wellness program that meets the needs of their employees at affordable costs to the employer by providing health risk assessments, biometric screenings, vaccinations, lifestyle management programs and incentive solutions. 

Losing a valuable employee to an accident or diagnosed illness is a detour that a company never sees coming. The Kenkou Group is a contracted provider for several cost containment third party providers. We can expedite care for a worker's compensation, no fault or group health claim. Together we can find a cost effective solution to manage the care of your workers. 

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