Healthcare advisory &
home health care

Your healthcare should be a reflection of the life you want to live. The Kenkou Group are specialists in reviewing and creating care plans that assist its clients with maintaining quality care and service while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. With The Kenkou Group, you will receive access to a comprehensive analysis of a new/on-going diagnosis and/or treatment, assistance in obtaining a healthcare provider and understanding your insurance plan, coordination of pre and post-operative skilled nursing care, arrangement of elderly home care, escorts to hospitals/doctor's visits and medical counseling for couples. 

Juggling the responsibilities of a growing family and career can be overwhelming.
The Kenkou Group is the extra pair of eyes and hands that can remove the anxiety associated with parenting so you can focus on the joys of parenthood. We can provide newborn care, baby nurses/nannies (including expectant mother care) as well as skilled nursing care for children with disabilities and speech therapy. 

Our staff of Senior Level Clinical Specialists, ranging from physicians to nurses, and affiliates are on-call around the clock. The Kenkou Group is ready to answer any questions, arrange treatment and inform you of the latest advancements. Your schedule is never compromised!

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