Opening its doors on December 1st, 2009, The Kenkou Group LLC - A Healthcare Agency has now closed as of December 31st, 2017. During its tenure, this well-known respected boutique healthcare firm curated and cultivated a difference in healthcare that the Northeast has never seen before. Although the agency has closed, its innovative healthcare spirit remains alive. We're so excited for where Shenekia D. Loud, former Co-Founder and CEO of The Kenkou Group, LLC ventures off to next as she continues to fight against the various challenges and disparities within the heathcare system. Thank you to all our supporters over the years, for its necessary we close this door to embark on a new adventure within the revolving doors of healthcare.

Should you need to reach us during our transition, please feel free to send us an email,

"The Kenkou Group's main focus is creating change. Not just in healthcare, but in the lives of clients we service daily. Your healthcare should be a reflection of the life you want to live and it is our commitment to assist our clients in making the changes that lead to a balanced and happy life."

- Shenekia Loud, Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Note from Shenekia:

Hi All! First and foremost, for those that have supported me and the agency along this amazing journey, I say THANK YOU! Your support and encouragement throughout my years at The Kenkou Group, LLC - A Healthcare Agency, carry indescribable words of love. I'm so excited for my future in healthcare and the opportunity to create and cultivate an innovative diverse concept to quality healthcare at a larger capacity, while revolutionizing my maverick entrepreneurial spirit, is pure magic! Keep your eyes and ears open, my latest adventure has already started.

In Health,


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