About us

The Kenkou Group, LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured health care agency that specializes in Healthcare Advisory & Home Care, Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Care, Catastrophic Case Management & Care and Community Health & Wellness. Recognized as one of New York City's largest boutique healthcare systems, The Kenkou Group also has a branch in Florida. 

The Kenkou Group offers a selection of services that will accommodate our client's lifestyle and budget, while providing access to the most respected healthcare providers and specialists who collectively have over 35 years of experience in managing the health and wellness of their clients. 

The Kenkou Group serves the communities for profit and non profit organizations by assisting in the implementation of programs which increase productivity, boost energy, decrease illness/sick days and community health awareness under the guidelines of the newly modified Affordable Care Act and Wellness Programs Act. 

"The Kenkou Group's main focus is creating change. Not just in healthcare, but in the lives of clients we service daily. Your healthcare should be a reflection of the life you want to live and it is our commitment to assist our clients in making the changes that lead to a balanced and happy life."

- Shenekia Loud, Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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